How to Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password with Windows Password Recovery Professional

Hi, Sir
I caught a problem. My brother stupidly changed my Windows 7 password the other day, but then he forgot the new password exactly. Now both he and I cannot access to the machine. After searching for the solutions to forgotten Windows 7 administrator for a while on the internet, I found your article on how to reset Windows 7 administrator password somewhere. In your article, you mentioned a professional Windows 7 password recovery tool—Windows Password Recovery Professional. Now I have following questions about the tool:

reset windows 7 administrator password

  1. You said it’s free to download the tool, so where can I exactly get it safely?
  2. Why should I have to burn a CD or USB? Why can’t I just copy the program into my USB flash drive?
  3. I am not quite sure I could manage to set the BIOS settings since I was totally a computer novice.

Sir, you see, it’s quite urgent for me to get access to my Windows 7 computer again, hope you understand me. And I will be very appreciated if I could receive your early reply. Thanks.

From Anne

To be frank, since I wrote that article, this is not the first time I‘ve received a letter just like this. It’s true that too many people today are suffering from computer password forgotten problem. Soon I wrote back to Anne, and answered her questions as follows:

Answer 1: Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Professional is a professional tool designed by Smartkey Website, a trusted name in Windows Password Recovery software providing. So everyone can feel comfortable to free download it. It’s totally safe, clean and no bug.

Answer 2: Yes, to burn a CD or USB is an indispensable step to recover a forgotten password like Windows 7 administrator password. And this burned CD or USB can be used again and again in the future if you forget your computer password. However, when burning such as disc, you cannot just copy the program to the CD or USB simply. You should follow the step-by-step here.

Answer 3: It’s not that hard to set BIOS settings as you think. Visit this: for CD/DVD for USB, and you will find it easy to make it.

I sincerely this post could be helpful for Anne and for people who need reset administrator password on windows 7.

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