I Can’t Remember Acer Windows 7 Password, How to Reset?

Locked out of Acer computer – I can’t remember Windows 7 password?
I can’t reset password online as the old password is still required to log into the computer. Also, I did not have a password hint. I can’t reinstall my computer for important files. What should I do now?

Well, to reset my forgotten Acer Windows 7 login password, I have got and tried ways below:

Method 1, With a Windows installation disc or a System Repair disc to help

Acer Windows 7 Password Reset

Step 1. Get a Windows 7 installation disc or any bootable media that can support us access to Command Prompt. If we don’t have one, go to another available Windows 7 computer and create a System Repair disc by pressing the WinLogo+R keys and run RECDISC.

Step 2. Set computer’s BIOS to boot from the disc. Access the Command Prompt via the Repair computer – > System Recovery Options. Type the following commands:
copy sethc.exe sethc_orig.exe /y
copy cmd.exe sethc.exe /y
*Note: If you see a message saying “The system cannot find the path/file specified.”, it means your Windows is in the D partition, not C. So instead of typing c: above, change it to d:

Step 3. Remove the disc and restart the computer. At the log in screen, press the Shift key repeatedly at least 5 times. When the Administrator Command Prompt appears type the following command:
net user “login name” *

Just keep it blank and confirm it. If you see the message “The command completed successfully”, close the Command Prompt. You should now be able to log in to the account without a password.

You need to undo the changes that you have made to the SETHC file after removing or changing the Windows 7 password. Otherwise, somebody else can use the command prompt to change your password or even lock you out again. This cannot be undone after login Windows 7. So you have to boot again from the disc, access the Command Prompt and type the following:

copy sethc_orig.exe sethc.exe /y

As the above, if the path is not found, change the c: to d:

Method 2. Get Ophcrack for my lost Acer Windows 7 password
If it is not strong enough and can be found from site: ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

Just burn it to a CD or create a bootable flash drive and boot from one of them.
If Ophcrack can’t find the password, your next option is to simply remove the password. The software that comes to mind is the Windows Password Recovery Tool which can do the trick. Just 3 easy steps:
Step 1. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, install it and run it on an accessible pc from website  http://download.cnet.com/Windows-Password-Recovery-Tool/3000-2092_4-10964595.html
Step 2. Burn the iSO image file to a blank CD/DVD/USB Flash Driver to create a password reset disk.
Step 3.Set locked Acer Windows 7 computer start from burned disk after BIOSO setting. Then restart Acer computer, reset Windows 7 password within clicks.

Here’s a Youtube tutorial on Acer Password Reset if you are interested: http://youtu.be/KFtEjSqldBY

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