Some Little Tricks to Reset Administrator Password for Your Computer

reset administrator passwordIf you suddenly forgot administrator password for your Windows system, and you needed to log in immediately, suppose if there wasn’t any tech support help around you, how would you reset administrator password by yourself? I guess you’ve got no clues to face this situation. But in life, forgetting computer password, especially administrator password is a frequent occurrence according to a recent survey.

Well, facing with an administrator password forgotten situation, actually there are some useful tricks which can help you successfully reset the forgotten password. Now, let’s see what these tricks really are and learn how to reset administrator password with them one by one.

Trick 1: Reset administrator password by completely reinstalling computer system.

To reset administrator password by system reinstallation is not strange to many computer users. It does work well, but it is a very drastic measure if there are any important data stored on your PC. Though you are sure to regain access to your PC, all your important data might be lost in a moment. So, usually I don’t recommend use this way to reset a lost or forgotten computer password unless you don’t have other better ways to solve the problem.

Trick 2: Reset administrator password with a password reset disk created in advance.

In all Windows-based computers, users are allowed to create a Windows password reset disk to prevent losing access to their PC. If you created such a disk before you forgot the administrator password, you can replace the forgotten password with a new one by following these steps:

  1. When you type a wrong password, you’ll receive a message that says your user name or password is incorrect. When this appears, just click “OK”.
  2. Insert your early created password reset disk.
  3. Click “Reset password” and then follow the simple wizard to change administrator password step by step.

Trick 3: Reset administrator password through Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Professional.

Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Professional is a specific password remembrance program which is able to reset any forgotten or lost Windows password efficiently. It is very easy to operant and it basically works by making a CD/DVD or even a USB flash drive that loads up Windows. Now follow the below steps to know how to smartly use this trick for resetting administrator password.
Step1: Free download this tool—Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Professional.
Step2: Install and launch this program on an accessible PC and prepare for a blank CD/DVD/USB flash drive.
Step3: Insert the blank CD/DVD/USB to the PC. And click “Burn” button on the interface to start burning a password reset disk with CD/DVD/USB. When burning finished, just take out the CD/DVD/USB.
Step4: Insert the burned CD/DVD/USB to the locked computer and set the PC boot from CD/DVD/USB in BIOS.
Step5: Start Windows administrator password reset with the burned password reset disk as easy as 3 mouse click. Soon, you will be able to access to your computer again.

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