How to Hack locked Windows 7 Password

You may hava a computer running on Windows 7, no matter it is a desktop or laptop. You may set a password on your personal computer and in that case, you think your pc is protected well so that other persons have no way to access the machine without your permission.  It seems that your computer is well proetcted, but what you don’t concerned is that you may lost your Windows 7 password unexpectedly.
What if you lost Windows 7 password? Is there any method to hack Windows 7 password as soon as possible? You ask yourself again and again. You want to find out something helpful to solve the problem.  You ask your father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, firends, even your teacher but few of them have a good knowledge of the answer.  You have no way but to ask the search engine for help eventually.
From the massive search results, you try the free way called the safe mode, but it doesn’t help at all. Then you have to try another way, the free software called Ophcrak, but it helps less as well. You are so worried to your computer. You begin to think that if your computer can’t open any more, what to do with your important files and data in it. What’s more, you have never backed up them before. So you felt further anxious.
At last you have no way but to try the non-free tool called Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery, from the introduction you comprehend what it is and how to use, you operate like this:
Step1. Download and launch Windows Password Recovery Basic.
Step2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk.
Step3. Start to hack Windows 7 password with the burned disk.
Then the amazing things happened, you Windows 7 computer start normally and quickly and when you see the welcome screen, you smile on your face!

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