Forgot Windows 7 Password and Have No Reset Disk?

forgot my windows 7 password“I forgot my Windows 7 password to my Sony laptop. I’ve searched the website for answers, only to find that reinstalling Windows 7 does not seem possible in my situation without buying Windows7. My laptop came with Windows 7 so I don’t feel like I should have to buy it again. But now I can’t get help because I need to sign on to get my product ID. I’m really annoyed right now, and I need help as soon as possible”.

Generally speaking, if someone forgot his Windows 7 administrator password, he or she can reset it with other user account with administrative privileges on the machine. However, if no any available access to the locked computer, then some people may suggest Windows 7 system reinstalling. Actually to get access to a locked computer by reinstalling system is a pretty stupid practice. Well, if we don’t adopt system reinstallation, then what’s the exactly safe and effective way to reset forgotten Windows 7 password?

Reset Windows 7 password with reset disk.

For sure, if you search Windows 7 password reset disk on Google, you will then get lots of results. The first result which catches you must be in Microsoft with titled as: Create a password reset disk—Windows—Microsoft. Yes, it’s true but not so many computer users are aware that Windows allows every user to create a Windows password reset disk in advance in case computer password is forgotten or lost, thus many people actually didn’t have such a disk when they forgot Windows 7 password.

Reset Windows 7 password without reset disk created in advance.

You may ask: then how can I reset my forgotten Windows 7 password if I don’t have an early created password reset disk? Well, if you resort to a professional third-party password recovery tool, there is the way! Resetting the password by a third-party application like Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Professional is the only and best way in this situation. It works like a reset disk supported by Microsoft, however, that reset disk should be created before Windows 7 password is forgotten, while Smartkey Windows Password Recovery Professional can allow you to make a bootable Windows 7 password reset disk even when the Windows password has already forgotten or lost, hacked etc. Later, you can quickly use this bootable disk to remove password on Windows 7 machine with only 2 or 3 mouse clicks.

To view more information about how to reset the password when you forgot password on windows 7, you can visit Smartkey Website.

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