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What to Do With Your Lost Windows Password

“There are two computers in my home. My father has a Toshiba laptop and I have a Dell desktop. Both of our computer running with Windows 7 operating system. We have used our computer for about two years. We all set up passwords for personal privacy.

However, last week both of us forgot our Windows password! I have entered my password 3 times and I tried manually to reboot my computer in safe mode, now there is a black screen with a white box that says enter current password? How do I resolve this? What’s wrong with our computer? Please help us.”

Sometimes we may meet such problems in our life. Computer is so popular and we are inevitable to lost our passwords. So what can we do after such problems happened? Can we just leave it alone? The answer is no. For several reasons I have learned many knowledge about computers. Now I am a computer fan and I think the following tips about Toshiba password reset may be helpful for you.

Tip 1: Re-install Your Computer

This is the most comman methods for the people who hava little knowledge about computers. You may think that this is the most direct and convenient way. However, the fact is this is the troublesome and dangerous method. Beacuse after re-installing the system you may lose your data in your computer, and it may take time for you to do it. What’s more, you may have to borrow or even buy a system disk. And the fact is not every persons have a disk for their computers.

Tip 2: Windows Password Recovery Tool

There’s a way to reset the password and it doesn’t involve reformatting and reinstalling Windows. The solution is called Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery from It can reset almost all Windows passwords in seconds. If you want to know how to use it, please visit it  Take Windows 7 for an example. You can follow these 4 steps with less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Download Ainorsoft Windows password Recovery and install it in any available computer
Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 3: BIOS settings of your locked computer to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 4: Hack Windows 7 password successfully

During this Christmas time you can enjoy the lower price than usual. Don’t hesitate to use Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery (download link)to recover lost Windows password when you lost it.  We wish you a Merry Christmas!

As a matter of fact, such tips also suitable for Dell password reset problems. You may refer it and choose your best answer to rescue your lost Windows password. Good luck.

Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Question: What is Windows Password Recovery?

Answer 1: Windows password recovery is an advanced solution to rest your lost passwords safely and quickly. It is a powerful utility to reset Windows password when your passwords are forgotten or lost.

Answer 2: Windows Password Recovery is an easy-to-use tool designed for resetting Windows local account or domain passwords on any Windows system. Passwords can be reset in 3 minutes, no matter how long and complicated the password is. Besides password recovery function, it even can change any local admin/user/domain admin password, and create a new Administrator account via CD/DVD or USB drive.

Answer 3: Windows Password Recovery is the great application which allows you to safely recover the lost or forgotten passwords, serial keys of Windows user accounts, email clients, software applications, etc. And allows you to login as well as Windows Admin password.

Answer 4: Windows Password Recovery is a tool that can help you recover Windows password quickly and easily. Such as Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery, it is a powerful and efficient passwrod reset utility, which can recover Windows password for Windows 7,Vista and XP by burning a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

We can use it to reset Windows password in 5 minutes by 2 steps even though it is our first time to try it, it can be used for windows administrator password reset and any other user accounts. From this, we could know that it is really very easy to use, for it is said that we only need to make some mouse clicks following the instructions on the screen.

With this reset tool in hand, there is no data loss, and nocomputer skills needed, no need to reinstall Windows and no need to pay to PC experts. Most importantly, it can guarantee you recover any Windows password at 100% success rate, which have gained much reputation all over the world. We can reset password Windows with Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery like this:

Step 1. Obtain and also deploy Windows Password Recovery while on an obtainable laptop or computer, not on the actual locked one.

Step 2. Manage it and make any Windows password reset CD/DVD or even USB drive.

Step 3. Reset the security password in your locked computer with all the password recast Disc/Digital video disc or even USB push successfully.

During this Christmas time you can enjoy the lower price than usual. Don’t hesitate to use Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery to recover lost Windows password when you lost it. We wish you a Merry Christmas!