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How to Unlock Excel Sheet With Lost Password

excel32342Sometimes when I have something unhappy, I would take to my friends’ place and ask for help. I have two good friends and they all good at computers. I asked them for help if I got some trouble. And recently I troubled in Excel password recovery issue. I am taking over in an office and was not left the password for a protected worksheet.  Is there a way to unlock the worksheet without the password? I lost my Excel password by accident and would like to find out the solutions. Is there any help to unlock Excel password for me? I will ask my friends.

After several minutes chat online, both of them gives me some advice from free way to paid way. I am concerned about all of them and prepare to looking for some useful and effective way for myself. I have to say, all of these three ways are very good but not every methods is my best choice. I have to think about them and think about them.

Method 1: Remember Your Password

As a Microsoft Excel user I have to set up password for my comuter but it can’t stop the possiblility of losing passwords. What I have to do firstly is trying to remember my passsword thoroughly. Do not forget my password in any condition. To forget password is so terible that I have experenced it with deep empression. In this method my friend advises me to write down the password in a little notebook and hide it in some personal place like my bedroom.

Method 2: The Repair Shop

When we lost way in the street we can ask the police for help. When we are hungry we can go to the restaurant and have a dinner. When we graduate from the university we can find a jod and make money for our life. When we are off duty we can go home and take a bath. Certainly when we lost Excel password we can take our computer to the repair shop. However, not everyone has the patience to do this.

Method 3: Excel Password Recovery

Usually we can make use of some Excel password recovery tools to help us unlock Excel password. This is the most efficaciously method  so far. And such softwares can  be found on the Internet market. Here I suggest SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0 for an example.

Step 1: Download the setup file of Excel Password Recovery 5.0 and install it after you lost Excel password by accident.


Step 2: Open the software, click “Open” to browse the full path of the excel into the program, select your file in the Open File window and click “Open”.

Step 3: On the Recovery tab, select “Brute-force Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations)”. Click “Start” in the Menu to initial the program.

Step 4: The program is recovering the password. Once the password is found, it’ll be displayed in the File Opening Password box. Click “Remove All Passwords from the File” to remove both the Password to Open and Password to Edit. Click “OK”. Use the password provided to open the Excel file and view the information. And until here you have finished the excel password unlock steps.

What’s more, other softwares like Password Recovery Bundle, Windows Password Recovery, Office Password Recovery 5.0 and Word Password Recovery can be found in the smartkey website, you can use it if you need.

Word Password How to Recover

There are many password recovery tools available in the Internet.The first version of Word Password was launched in early 1998. It was the first recovery tool for Word and Excel 97.

And now we are proud to present the new exciting version with a very unique feature: Word Password is able to recover any Word document regardless of the password length!

We estimate that about 30% of all passwords are unbreakable using regular recovery methods (such as brute-force attack and dictionary search) and another 30% require significant time and efforts to break. Having purchased regular password recovery tools you have significant probability of failure. It’s like a lottery.

If you use Word Password, your success is guaranteed. Moreover, guaranteed recovery is easier to use, there are no options to tune, the only thing you should do is just select your password-protected Word document!

If you are evaluating various password recovery tools, keep in mind that purchasing Word Password you pay for getting the job done, not just for trying! Note that a typical DEMO version of password recovery software is able to crack short passwords only. On short passwords it works almost instantly.

But this speed is an illusion. Try SmartKey Word Password Recovery to estimate recovery time that a typical password requires!

SmartKey Word Password Recovery is a fast password recovery tool which can help you recover Microsoft Word password easily. Including “Open” Password and “Edit” Password. Works perfectly for all versions of Microsoft Word from 97 to 2010. In the word 2007 password recovery, it recovers fast. The multi-threaded low-level code is optimized for modern multi-core PCs, ensuring the best performance and the quickest recovery speed of the most complex passwords. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to remove Word documents password.

1. Click Open and select the file.
2. Choose one of the attack types to recover Word 2007 password.
3. Attack settings.
4. Click Start on the taskbar until the operation is finished.
5. Click OK, and you will find the password in the box.

By the way, smartkey is not only can recover Word password, but also a goog Office password recovery tool, especially in the Office 2007 password recovery field, so you can attempt to use it when you lost Word or Excel or even Office password.