Top 3 Free Methods of Windows 7 Password Reset

Whether you have encountered such a problem that one day you want to surf the Internet, but you forget your Windows 7 password. In this case, what would you do? You may want to guess you password at first, after you tried all you remember, the Windows 7 can’t open yet. What can you do? Now you can choose one of the three methods as below to help you reset Windows 7 password for free.

Method 1: Guess your Windows 7 password if you get luck

When you forget your Windows 7 password, what would you do firstly? I think you may want to guess your password at first. In this case, you will think of what relevant information. Such as whose birthday, a favorite set of number, a favorite food or activity, or the phone number you remember when you were a kid and so on.

Method 2: Resetting your forgotten Windows 7 password without any tool (not recommended)

Step1: Boot off the windows disk and select the “Repair your computer” option from the lower left-hand corner.
Step2: Follow through until you get to the option to open the Command Prompt, which you’ll want to select.
Step3: You’ll want to type in the following command to backup the original sticky keys file:
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
Step4: You’ll copy the command prompt executable (cmd.exe) over top of the sticky keys executable:
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
Now you can reboot the PC。

But it seems to that this method is a little bit complicated and troublesome. If you don’t have much technical knowledge or professional skills, you are not recommended to choose this method. Directly go to Method 3, which will save a lot of time and trouble.

In my opinion, method 3 is the fastest and easiest way for me to free reset Windows 7 password.

Method 3: The fastest and easiest tool of resetting Windows 7 password free – Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is a professional Windows password reset tool which is designed to reset lost or forgotten Windows administrator and user’s password for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2012(R2), 2008(R2), 2003(R2). All you need is a small USB Flash Drive or a useful CD/DVD and an available computer.

Compare to the methods mentioned above, this way is easiest and safer that it has no limitation. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key on another computer that you can access. Then run the software to create a boot disk. Click “browse” to browse existing Windows Password Key image files.
 Windows 7

Choose your CD/DVD or USB flash drive, click “Burn” button, after burning successfully completed, the CD/DVD or USB copies the necessary files.

Step 2: Now transfer the USB flash drive or CD/ DVD to your laptop, boot the computer using it.
Step 3: Reset Windows 7 password. Insert the CD/DVD or USB that you created in your flash drive and reboot your locked computer from the CD/DVD or USB.
After the three steps above, you can login your computer without password.
Windows 7
In summary, that’s all about how to reset password on Windows 7 computer free. You can check out one of them. Good luck to you! To learn more about that, you can check out

I Can’t Remember Acer Windows 7 Password, How to Reset?

Locked out of Acer computer – I can’t remember Windows 7 password?
I can’t reset password online as the old password is still required to log into the computer. Also, I did not have a password hint. I can’t reinstall my computer for important files. What should I do now?

Well, to reset my forgotten Acer Windows 7 login password, I have got and tried ways below:

Method 1, With a Windows installation disc or a System Repair disc to help

Acer Windows 7 Password Reset

Step 1. Get a Windows 7 installation disc or any bootable media that can support us access to Command Prompt. If we don’t have one, go to another available Windows 7 computer and create a System Repair disc by pressing the WinLogo+R keys and run RECDISC.

Step 2. Set computer’s BIOS to boot from the disc. Access the Command Prompt via the Repair computer – > System Recovery Options. Type the following commands:
copy sethc.exe sethc_orig.exe /y
copy cmd.exe sethc.exe /y
*Note: If you see a message saying “The system cannot find the path/file specified.”, it means your Windows is in the D partition, not C. So instead of typing c: above, change it to d:

Step 3. Remove the disc and restart the computer. At the log in screen, press the Shift key repeatedly at least 5 times. When the Administrator Command Prompt appears type the following command:
net user “login name” *

Just keep it blank and confirm it. If you see the message “The command completed successfully”, close the Command Prompt. You should now be able to log in to the account without a password.

You need to undo the changes that you have made to the SETHC file after removing or changing the Windows 7 password. Otherwise, somebody else can use the command prompt to change your password or even lock you out again. This cannot be undone after login Windows 7. So you have to boot again from the disc, access the Command Prompt and type the following:

copy sethc_orig.exe sethc.exe /y

As the above, if the path is not found, change the c: to d:

Method 2. Get Ophcrack for my lost Acer Windows 7 password
If it is not strong enough and can be found from site:

Just burn it to a CD or create a bootable flash drive and boot from one of them.
If Ophcrack can’t find the password, your next option is to simply remove the password. The software that comes to mind is the Windows Password Recovery Tool which can do the trick. Just 3 easy steps:
Step 1. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, install it and run it on an accessible pc from website
Step 2. Burn the iSO image file to a blank CD/DVD/USB Flash Driver to create a password reset disk.
Step 3.Set locked Acer Windows 7 computer start from burned disk after BIOSO setting. Then restart Acer computer, reset Windows 7 password within clicks.

Here’s a Youtube tutorial on Acer Password Reset if you are interested:

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How to Reset Windows 7 Password?



How to Bypass Windows 7 Password on HP Laptop?

Is it possible bypass Windows 7 password (Click here to know more)on HP laptop that is already forgot or lost ?
Have you in recent times accidently forgot Windows 7 password on your HP laptop? Or have you tried to change Win 7 password but forgot it?
Have you tried accessing your win 7 HP PC with all password combanition, but fail and still lock out of your HP computer?
Accidently forgot your win 7 password could lead you to thinking, how, why…and…Now What?

How to Bypass Lost Windows 7 password On Your HP Laptop?

Several would have experienced that once they accidently forgot HP Windows 7 password they will locked out of computer, without ever realizing that it couldn’t be access HP computer forever. Most of us have also come across information that once lost Windows 7 password without password reset disk or another admin account they couldn’t bypass it at all.

It is possible to bypass HP lost Windows 7 password even you have no password reset disk or another admin account. bypassing forgotten Windows 7 password on HP laptop is not at all difficult. What you need to do is choose a right Windows 7 password bypass tool.

Although there are several Windows 7 password bypass tools you need to choose the best Win 7 password bypass tool that will help you login into your OS quickly. Windows Password Recovery Tool is the best one that you can use to bypass lost win 7 password on HP.

Bypass HP Forgotten or Lost Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

With Windows Password Recovery Tool you can bypass lost win 7 password on HP without any data loss. The steps are easy to understand and few, making it a dream job to do. Let’s take a look at these HP Windows 7 password bypass steps with it.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool on any computer you can get(not the locked one).
Step 2: Burn bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to bypass forgotten Windows 7 password
Step 3: Set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 4: bypass forgotten win 7 password with the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive

It is annoying when you forgot Windows 7 password (more at here) on HP laptop. But, with the Windows 7 password bypass methods above, you can bypass your password and regain access to your Windows 7 OS easily.

How to Change Windows 7 Admin Password?

Can any guru expertise at pc help me with change Windows 7 login password for my admin account?

I forgot my Win 7 login Password. I hope to get access to my pc ASAP. I have not used my old PC for such a long time. Now I can only login as a standard account, so can’t change to administrator. Is there any way I can bypass the password? I don’t have a reset floppy.

how to change Win 7 password
change Windows 7 password

It won’t let me logged in as admin to change password. When I log out, only my standard users come up. When I put it in safe mode, the admin and my standard user appears. It is pity that I have forgotten the admin password. I now can’t download any programs or tools to help me recover password! I have to solve this problem. Please help me!

Three methods are supported here for resetting Windows 7 password:

One, Windows 7 password reset with Windows system repair disc

1. Insert the System Repair disc in the DVD drive and restart the computer.
2. For just a few seconds, the screen displays Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Press any key. Click Next.
3. When System Recover is finished searching for Windows installations, click Next.
4. Choose Use Recovery Tools That Can Help Fix Problems Starting Windows. Click Next.
5. Choose a Recovery Tool – Command Prompt: Open a command prompt window. Use this if you’re familiar with typing commands at a prompt.
6. After using any of these tools, click Restart. Click Shut Down if you’ve had enough for the time being.

Two: With your Windows 7 installation DVD to help remove Win 7 user password

Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Insert Windows 7 DVD, and boot from it > click Next
Step 2: click Repair your computer
Step 3: Select “Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows. Select an operating system to repair.” > and then click Next
Step 4: Click “Command Prompt” to open a command prompt window
Step 5: type this
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
and hit Enter
Step 6: type this
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
and hit Enter
Step 7: Close command prompt window > click Restart (boot from hard disk as usual)
Step 8: on the login screen, hit Shift key 5 times > a command prompt will open > then type this:
net user username newpassword
and the hit Enter > close command prompt window
Now you can login with your new password.
Step 9: You can restore the original sethc.exe file back by rebooting into Windows 7 installation DVD > Repair > open command prompt > and type this
copy c:\sethc.exe file to c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
and then hit Enter

Three: Try the last but not the least method on password recovery for Windows 7 – with the help of Windows Password Recovery Tool to save your time and energy.

Step1. Get a Windows computer that may download something. Then download “Windows Password Recovery Tool” via its official site. Run the installation and launch it for the accessible pc.
Stpe2. Connect a prepared blank USB floppy disk when working with unlocked computer. Then click “Burn” to make your passwords reset disk.
Step3. After disk created, please insert the created password reset disk into the locked Windows 7 computer and set it booting from USB in BIOS setting.
Step4. Reset the locked Windows 7 password by typing “y” to ensure that unlocking the locked password quickly.

Which way of the above three will you choose to reset your Windows 7 password? For special instructions on how to reset Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery Tool, please watch video:

How to Reset Windows 7 Password?

Could someone help me reset Windows 7 password please?

I forgot my administrator password and I can’t download or do anything. I don’t know how to do it. So how would I be able to either change or reset my password for free and quickly? Will there have anything be good as long as it works and I can get my password back?

Last week, when I shut down my laptop, the Internet wasn’t really working and I turned it back on and it asked me to “log on to Windows”…. I do not know what the Windows password is at all.

It usually just asks me to log into administrator when I open it, and I know that password but it’s never asked me to log onto Windows and I tried every single password possible and none work. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron Windows 7 Ultimate.

reset Win 7 password
Well, if we create a Windows 7 password reset disk before we lost password or once we set the account to laptop, the disk will be useful for us now. Ways to create password reset disk:

Step 1. Insert a blank floppy disk into your computer driver.
Step 2. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts -> Create a password reset disk.

Step 3. At the “Forgotten Password Wizard” window, click “Next”.

Step 4. Choose your inserted floppy drive from the list of available devices and click “Next”.

Step 5. Input your current password and click “Next”.

Step 6. Click “Next” when the wizard shows process was completed and click “Finish”.

Now a Windows 7 password reset disk is created.

If you own this Windows 7 user password reset disk, you can now pick it up to help you reset forgotten admin password.

While, if not, you may try the easiest and quickest way – use pro “Windows Password Recovery Tool”. Read detailed steps:

1. Logon one’s computer which you might download something. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool; Run the installation with several clicks so run it.
2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk by using a blank CD/DVD or USB memory. A USB memory will be better yet, if the locked Win 7 pc without the CD driver.
3. Connect the burned Win7 password reset disk with the locked Win 7 computer, Press DELETE, F1, F2, F10, F12 or Alt+S (the combined key comes to that screen may display a sentence while computer starts), then do BIOS setting for pc to boot from USB stick, restart pc and run software.
4. Reset any account you need to reset the unknown logon password, click “reset” button to operate password reset with several clicks.
5. Take out this Win 7 password reset disk, restart PC with account needed password reset.

Congratulations, you can successfully logon Windows 7 now. Password recovery for Windows 7 is also not hard for all of us!

Do you want to follow a video to do Windows 7 password reset? Watch it from:

I Forgot My Windows 7 Password, How to Gain Access?

I forgot admin password for my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop. I forgot my Windows 7 password- the UAC is for program changes that need authorization but I cannot log into windows. I have tried changing the password via command prompt but it isn’t working. There is prompt that “System 5 error- access denied”. I find this strange when I am the admin!! Any ideas why this is happening? I also can’t download any 3rd party programs. Anything else I can try? Or is there suggested command code to reset forgotten password?

recover Win 7 password

recover Windows 7 password

Many simple methods are available to opt for and have use of laptop computer again as before. Many of the methods are so simple, simple enough that also a new user can readily follow while they do not require any difficult recovery consoles or complicated commands. One can easily go through following steps and acquire new password while recovering windows.

UAC is already off while in Safe Mode. Furthermore, UAC has nothing to do with passwords and cannot be used to reset them.

Changing the computer’s password using CMD is quite easy and hardly takes a minute. It doesn’t only save time but you can apply some mischief applying this trick because when we change Win7 login password (more at here)using CMD, you don’t need to type the old password. The below are steps to change password with CMD:
Step 1: Click Start and then in the search box, type CMD.
Step 2: Right click on CMD and then select “Run as Administrator”. (You must run CMD as administrator or else it won’t work).
Step 3: Then enter the following commands in Command prompt (CMD).
Net user
Net user Computer name *
Then type the new password.
Again retype the same new password
Press enter key and you are done!

reset Windows 7 password

reset password Windows 7


Please note that:
• The Computer name is your computer name.
• The password that you will input will not be listed.
From the above methods, we know that there must need admin account to run CMD.

Also, we know that someone may do some mischief with CMD to change password. Now, the problem is how could we prevent someone from resetting Windows 7 password (Click to know more)? There are three methods:

1. Put the original sethc.exe file back
2. Don’t let people sit at your computer or laptop with a Windows DVD at hand…
3. Go to BIOS > change the boot sequence > HDD first > and then set a BIOS password, so not everyone can boot your computer from Windows 7 DVD.

Well, if all the above suggested solutions don’t work for us, the quickest way is to use pro app – Windows Password Recovery Tool. It has helped millions of Windows computer users to reset lost or forgotten login password on various Windows operation system, such as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Server 2008/2003, etc.

The Youtube video on how to remove Windows password will surely give you a hand:

How to recover windows 8 password

How to recover windows 8 password

Nowadays, more and more people start using windows 8, as a milestone in the Microsoft Windows operating system development process, undoubtedly windows 8 will win a lot of praise as well as money for Microsoft . However, as an ordinary computer users, we have to face a lot of unexpected trouble in using Windows 8, and the most frequent problem is to forget the windows 8 login password or the administrator password. So, do you know how to recover windows 8 password? Is there any good way to solve this problem when we have to face it? Can we crack Windows 8 password on our own? The answer is yes. Here, I will show you several windows 8 password recovery methods to help you recover windows 8 password.
windows 8 logon

1. Try to sign in Windows 8 With Default Windows 8 Administrator Account

Every version of windows since windows xp has a default windows admin account which allows you to sign in windows with a blank password. But this account is not available in normal mode, so you will need to boot windows 8 in safe mode to login to the system with this account. You can search for more information if you don’t know how to boot in windows 8 safe mode.

2.Hunt for a Windows password recovery tool

Moreover, there’re a variety of third-party software around when you need to reset Windows 8 password. Both commercial and free software are out there for your choice.(PS:the software named Windows Password Recovery Tool is recommended)

3.Other optional solutions also available

As to reset your password on Windows 8 laptop, the below ways may do a lot for you. However before reseting your Windows password, you need to have a glance whether you have obtained these devices in advance.

1. A previously-created Windows 8 password reset disk.
2. Windows live account.

How to crack windows 8 password

When you are about to open the computer to view the files, you find that you forget what exactly your Windows 8 password is, what would you do? Immediately reinstall the system? Sent your PC to the repair shop? Or in some other way to crack windows 8 password ( When you don’t know what to do in this case, you should read this article.

Here, I will introduce several methods to recover windows 8 password (more at here) for you. After reading this article, you will understand what should you do to reset windows 8 password? Or how to crack windows 8 password.

1. Try to sign in Windows 8 With Default Windows 8 Administrator Account

Every version of windows since windows xp has a default windows admin account which allows you to sign in windows with a blank password. But this account is not available in normal mode, so you will need to boot windows 8 in safe mode to login to the system with this account. You can search for more information if you don’t know how to boot in windows 8 safe mode.

windows 8 logon

2.Hunt for a Windows password recovery tool

Moreover, there’re a variety of third-party software around when you need to unlock windows 8 password. Both commercial and free software are out there for your choice.(PS:Windows Password Recovery Tool is highly recommended :-)

Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool

3.Other optional solutions also available

As to reset your password on Windows 8 laptop, the below ways may do a lot for you. However before reseting your Windows password, you need to have a glance whether you have obtained these devices in advance.

1. A previously-created Windows 8 password reset disk.

2. Windows live account.

Now it’s your turn to crack windows 8 password. Good luck!

How to Unlock Excel Sheet With Lost Password

excel32342Sometimes when I have something unhappy, I would take to my friends’ place and ask for help. I have two good friends and they all good at computers. I asked them for help if I got some trouble. And recently I troubled in Excel password recovery issue. I am taking over in an office and was not left the password for a protected worksheet.  Is there a way to unlock the worksheet without the password? I lost my Excel password by accident and would like to find out the solutions. Is there any help to unlock Excel password for me? I will ask my friends.

After several minutes chat online, both of them gives me some advice from free way to paid way. I am concerned about all of them and prepare to looking for some useful and effective way for myself. I have to say, all of these three ways are very good but not every methods is my best choice. I have to think about them and think about them.

Method 1: Remember Your Password

As a Microsoft Excel user I have to set up password for my comuter but it can’t stop the possiblility of losing passwords. What I have to do firstly is trying to remember my passsword thoroughly. Do not forget my password in any condition. To forget password is so terible that I have experenced it with deep empression. In this method my friend advises me to write down the password in a little notebook and hide it in some personal place like my bedroom.

Method 2: The Repair Shop

When we lost way in the street we can ask the police for help. When we are hungry we can go to the restaurant and have a dinner. When we graduate from the university we can find a jod and make money for our life. When we are off duty we can go home and take a bath. Certainly when we lost Excel password we can take our computer to the repair shop. However, not everyone has the patience to do this.

Method 3: Excel Password Recovery

Usually we can make use of some Excel password recovery tools to help us unlock Excel password. This is the most efficaciously method  so far. And such softwares can  be found on the Internet market. Here I suggest SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0 for an example.

Step 1: Download the setup file of Excel Password Recovery 5.0 and install it after you lost Excel password by accident.


Step 2: Open the software, click “Open” to browse the full path of the excel into the program, select your file in the Open File window and click “Open”.

Step 3: On the Recovery tab, select “Brute-force Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations)”. Click “Start” in the Menu to initial the program.

Step 4: The program is recovering the password. Once the password is found, it’ll be displayed in the File Opening Password box. Click “Remove All Passwords from the File” to remove both the Password to Open and Password to Edit. Click “OK”. Use the password provided to open the Excel file and view the information. And until here you have finished the excel password unlock steps.

What’s more, other softwares like Password Recovery Bundle, Windows Password Recovery, Office Password Recovery 5.0 and Word Password Recovery can be found in the smartkey website, you can use it if you need.